Memories of ’78 in 2014

Sketches are from life in 1978:

Paintings done in 2014  are from the sketches

I’m more than a dozen paintings into a new project that has captured my full attention and am very excited by. Over the past 40 years or so, I have been sketching most anything that came in front of my face. (I’ve had a long time friend tell me that he always thought it rather antisocial of me) I drew on trips, in restaurants, on boats, in other peoples homes and many in my own home. Mostly of friends and family, and any situation I found myself in. It started off very much like an illustrated diary.  The sketches in themselves are quite wonderful. My project is; I’ve started in 1978 and am translating these sketches into paintings. The trick is to make sense of a quick contour drawing in black and white into full color paintings. I’m calling the series “Memories”